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Grid Development Plan 2013, second draft

With the draft of the Power Grid Development Plan (GDP), the transmission system operators present selected procedures, methods and data they have used, as well as the measures derived from these, to the general public. The first draft of the GDP 2013 was made available between March 2nd and April 14th 2013 for public consultation and was revised and amended following examination and analysis of the 466 responses received.

With this second draft of the Grid Development Plan 2013, the four German transmission system operators are to highlight the scale of grid expansion that will be required in the next ten and also twenty years. The report does not detail any specific transmission line routes, but rather documents the levels of transmission demand required between grid nodes. This means, that the start and end points of future power line connections are defined, as well as specific recommendations for the expansion and construction of the overland transmission network in Germany in accordance with the detailed requirements stipulated in Section 12 of the German Energy Management Act.

The Grid Development Plan is only available in German. However, the Downloads section includes English translations of press releases, fact sheets and the conclusion of the Power Grid Development Plan 2013.

Download the Grid Development Plan
Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 9) as a  PDF-file (10 MB, in German)
Part 2 (Chapters 10 to Appendices) as a PDF-file (18 MB, in German)

Download individual chapters of the GDP
For easier access, you can also download individual sections here:
Chapters 1 and 2: Introduction and Methodology (120 KB, in German)
Chapters 3, 4 and 5: Scenarios, Market Simulation, Network Analyses (1.8 MB, in German)
Chapter 6: Measures (6 MB, in German)
Chapters 7, 8 and 9: Status of GDP 2012 Implementation, Summary of Public Consultation and Conclusion (112 KB, in German)
Chapter 10 – Appendix: Starting Grid Measures (5.4 MB, in German)
Chapter 10 – Appendix: Extension Grid, Cost Estimation, Glossary, List of Abbreviations, Bibliography (7.6 MB, in German)

GDP fact sheet
GDP fact sheet (in English)

Download an overview of the GDP
The outline plan for the starting grid and for Scenario B 2023 can be downloaded here as a PDF-file (3.7 MB, in German).

Summary of “New networks for the Energiewende”
A synopsis of the results of the GDP and the O-GDP 2013 can be found in the brochure "New networks for the Energiewende" (5.5 MB, in German).