The impedance, also known as AC resistance, is the ratio of the electric voltage of an electrical load (structural component, power line, etc.) to the input current. This physical quantity is generally given as a complex number at a particular frequency domain.

Independent Power Producer (IPP)

An IPP is a power station operator without their own network and area of operation.

Induction (asynchronous) motor

A three-phase alternating current induction motor, also known as a three-phase alternating current asynchronous motor can be used either as a motor or as a generator. It has a passive rotor which is either permanently (squirrel-cage rotor) or intermittently (wound rotor) short-circuited. When being used as a generator, the rotor of the induction motor can also be activated with a different frequency from the grid frequency (double fed induction generator). Induction motors have a simple structure and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Infeed management

Infeed management refers to the targeted reduction of power fed into the grid from renewable sources in order to remedy congestion and to guarantee security of supply.

Interconnecting line

An interconnecting line is a circuit (or a transformer), which connects the transmission networks of the transmission system operators (TSOs).

An extra-high voltage transmission line running between two countries is known as an interconnector.