A schedule (when used to refer to an exchange schedule between balance groups) specifies how much power is to be exchanged between balance groups or injected or withdrawn at feed-in or withdrawal points for every fifteen minutes within the respective period of transmission.

This refers to part of the planning process. As part of the scoping appointment, the relevant authorities give the agency responsible for a project and the authorities involved opportunity to hold a discussion about the object, scope and methods in the application documents to be prepared as well as any other questions important for the execution of a procedure.
Secondary control

The secondary control automatically compensates imbalances in output caused by the balance group in the control area within five minutes. The secondary control power available is automatically activated after just 30 seconds. In addition, the power input from thermal power stations and (pump) storage stations running under the secondary control is automatically adjusted.

All persons or groups which have a vested interest in the progress or results of a process or project.
Starting grid

The starting grid comprises the following network projects:
• the current grid (actual grid)
• the measures from the Energy Line Expansion Act (Energieleitungsausbaugesetz or EnLAG)
• grid expansion measures currently being implemented (planning approved or construction already in progress)
• measures that are the result of other obligations – e.g. Regulation on Grid Connection of Power Stations (Kraftwerks-Netzanschlussverordnung or KraftNAV) or the connection obligation of industrial clients.

Starting offshore grid

The start offshore grid comprises the following systems: the already existing offshore network connection systems (actual offshore grid), offshore grid connection systems where work has already been started in accordance with the O-GDP, as well as offshore grid connection systems that are required for offshore wind farms with valid approval for connection to the grid. From the O-GDP 2030 (2017) onwards, the Offshore Grid Development Plan is to be replaced by the Offshore Area Development Plan, which will be produced by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

See also: actual offshore grid.

Stranded investments

Investments in grid connection systems that remain either completely or partially unused.

Electrical facility for linking different circuits (power lines, transformers, reactors, capacitors). Power circuit breakers are used to switch operating currents and leakage currents; disconnect switches provide isolation, making it possible to work safely at the facility.
System services

In terms of electricity supply, system services refer to services that are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the system, services that the network operators carry out for the network customers in addition to the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, thereby determining the quality of the electricity supply.