Public consultation process

Public consultation

Participation in the transmission network planning procedure

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You can also find everything you need to know about opportunities to participate in planning the transmission networks in our public consultation guide in German language.

The four transmission system operators (TSOs) have been tasked with working together to produce a Grid Development Plan (GDP). The scenario framework as approved by the German Federal Network Agency forms the foundation of the GDP. Preparation of the GDP is supported by three public consultation stages. This allows the TSOs to involve the general public at an early stage in their planning. External expertise from trade associations, academic, political or social organisations as well as from cities, districts, municipalities and private individuals is highly sought after.

The public consultation process that accompanies the GDP focuses on methodological issues of network planning. The Grid Development Plan depict a transmission grid for Germany that satisfies demands and can be operated safely. However, the specific planning of the geographic routes of power lines and exact technological solutions is not within the remit of the Grid Development Plan. Instead, this is part of subsequent approval procedures. The main purpose of involving the public at an early stage is to improve the quality of the Grid Development Plan. Furthermore, it is also aimed at helping interested groups to better understand the relationships between objectives in energy policy and the associated effects these have on our energy infrastructure.

Public consultation for the scenario framework organised by the German Federal Network Agency

- Development forecast of the energy industry
- Electricity consumption, primary energy costs, costs of CO2 certificates
- Basic conditions of the energy industry and current energy policy
- Regional distribution of generation facilities
- Staggering of offshore network connection systems


Public consultation process for the first draft of the GDP organised by the transmission system operators

- Identification of transport demands in each of the different scenarios
- Methods and results from market modelling
- Methods and results from the network analysis
- NOVA criteria
- Planning sustainability

Public consultation process for the second draft of the GDP organised by the German Federal Network Agency

- Results of preliminary review by the Federal Network Agency
- Federal Network Agency’s environmental report in addition to the results of the GDP
- Determination of level of demand for grid expansion
- Setting of start and end points

You can find more information about the public consultation work carried out by the Federal Network Agency on their website.

Participation in formal processes through the Federal Network Agency or responsible regional authorities; public participation through the transmission system operators or other public agencies

- Approval procedures
- Routing of underground cables/overhead lines
- Environment/nature conservation
- Compensatory/alternative measures
- Tourism

From the O-GDP 2030 (2017) onwards, the Offshore Grid Development Plan is to be replaced by the Offshore Area Development Plan, which will be produced by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

You can find more information about specific route construction projects on the websites of the respective transmission system operators: