Grid Development Plan

The Grid Development Plan 2022 is the first grid development plan to be produced by the four transmission system operators in accordance with the provisions of the German Energy Management Act as amended in August 2011, thereby fulfilling their legal mandate. It highlights which measures for the necessary optimisation, development and expansion of the German extra-high voltage network for the years 2022 and 2032 are required in order to ensure a safe and reliable network operation.

In light of the decision made in 2011 to phase out all nuclear energy and increase the supply of energy from renewable sources as part of the turnaround in German energy policy, the German transmission network must be made ready to handle the new demands associated with these changes. Since 2012, the Grid Development Plan (GDP) has formed the basis for the needs-based planning of the onshore transmission network.

The four transmission system operators published the first draft of the Grid Development Plan 2022 on 30 May 2012. Between 30 May and 10 July, the general public were given the opportunity to submit their responses to this first draft. The contributions from the consultation process were then incorporated into the second draft of the Grid Development Plan 2022. The revised draft of the Grid Development Plan was submitted to the German Federal Network Agency on 15 August 2012 and approved by the Federal Network Agency on 26 November 2012.

You can find German documents about the GDP 2022 below; individual documents are also available in English. The Grid Development Plan Electricity 2022 is only available in German. For more detailed information, please see the German website.