Projects and measures in the GDP

Projects and measures
in the GDP

What is described in the “Projects and Measures” section of the Grid Development Plan?

The Grid Development Plan Electricity (GDP) includes descriptions of all the grid expansion measures in the German ultra-high voltage grid that the four transmission system operators (TSOs) have been identified as being necessary in order to be able to successfully handle the future transmission demands on the ultra-high voltage grid.

Scenarios – a vision of the future

Possible future developments can be considered with the aid of different scenarios. In planning the transmission network, it is important to describe future generation capacities and consumption situations and to thus evaluate probable development trajectories within the context of developments in energy policy.

The identified grid expansion measures are represented as projects in the Grid Development Plan. Here, a project can include not just one, but several related measures. This contributes to the improved structuring of the grid expansion measures. Grid expansion measures do not only cover power line projects using AC and DC technology, but also facility projects such as the construction of substations, transformers or systems for the compensation of reactive power.

Projects are documented with brief summaries of key data. A detailed introduction to these briefings as well as a description of all the projects of the current GDP can be found in the appendix of the Grid Development Plan; this information is only available in German.

From need to action plan

The grid expansion measures depicted are the result of complex calculation processes, which build upon each other and take various framework conditions and input parameters into account.

When is a power line that has been identified in the GDP actually built?

Before a grid expansion measure identified in the Grid Development Plan can be implemented, it must first follow a route set by law through a variety of planning and approval procedures. The GDP thus includes measures which are currently at different stages in terms of their implementation. To help the reader, the GDP usually includes an indication of the level of progress made in implementing each individual measure; progress is ranked in stages ranging from “no activity to date” to “completed”.

The implementation stage indicated should also act as an indicator for which statutory public participation opportunities are still to come for each individual step within a specific grid expansion measure. These are then the responsibility of the responsible authority and the respective TSO. Learn more about participation opportunities here.

1: Preparation of planning and approval procedures

2: Regional planning procedure / federal sectoral planning

3: Awaiting or undergoing planning approval procedures / approval in accordance with the German Federal Emission Control Act (Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz or BImSchG)

4: Approved or under construction

5: Completed