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Do you have further questions about the Network Development Plan Electricity (NDP)? Or perhaps you would simply like to speak with us about the requirements of the grid expansion, the prospects of new technologies or ways that you can contribute?

The communication team transparently shares up-to-date information about the Network Development Plan Electricity. The team’s work is centred around intensive communication with groups from all areas of society both before and during the creation of the NDP. Volker Gustedt, Joana Niggemann, Ina-Isabelle Haffke and Claudia Halici would be happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you at

Volker Gustedt
Press spokesperson
50Hertz Transmission
Phone: +49 30 5150 - 287

Joana Niggemann
Press spokesperson
Phone: +49 231 5849 - 12925

Ina-Isabelle Haffke
Press spokesperson
TenneT TSO
Phone: +49 921 50740 - 4070

Claudia Halici
Press spokesperson
Phone: +49 711 21858 - 0

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