Future-ready grids

The energy transition demands a new dimension of grid development

The transmission system operators are continuously working on a demand-driven power grid that adapts to requirements of the future through expansion and modernisation. Our two short videos will introduce you to the challenges placed on the transmission grid by the energy transition.

Grid planning: The energy landscape of tomorrow (in German)

Grid planning: Secure electricity supply at all times, at all places (in German)

Additional videos regarding grid planning can be found here (in German).

The energy transition has made grid planning considerably more complex. The transmission grid must be adapted to the various sustainable energy sources and their associated volatility. While power plants in the vicinity of population centres or large industrial regions previously supplied electricity within their immediate environment, power is now frequently generated at great distances from the centres of consumption. This applies in particular to wind power, for which ideal conditions exist in northern and north-eastern Germany as well as offshore. However, the largest electricity consumers, in particular large industrial plants, are located in southern and western Germany. The transmission of electricity from the point of generation to the consumers must be as efficient as possible and take into consideration both economic and environmental criteria. This will require the optimisation, enhancement or expansion of over 10,000 km of power lines in the transmission grid. These measures will enable a future-ready and sustainable power grid.

Secure electricity supply: Heterogeneous criteria and requirements

To ensure a secure supply of electricity, the transmission system operators (TSOs) must take technical, economic, environmental and social factors into account. Fortunately, the TSOs have the experience and knowledge to meet these requirements. One thing is clear: Grid expansion is a complex process that must integrate a diverse range of criteria and requirements. The Network Development Plan Electricity shows all expansion and modernisation measures to ensure that the transmission grid can continue to fulfil its tasks of electricity transport in the future.

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