Participation opportunities

Contributing to many parts of the process

The Network Development Plan Electricity impacts not only Germany but also Europe. The NDP process is characterised by openness, transparency and dialogue, and the participation of many different stakeholders is both required and expressly desired. Public consultation periods concerning the Scenario Framework as well as the first and second draft are milestones in the creation of the Network Development Plan Electricity. This could involve, for example, discussing and questioning underlying data and challenging the grid planning. Opportunities for participation are also regularly encountered in the planning for individual projects, both within the framework of legally mandated instruments and in the voluntary solicitation of public involvement by individual transmission system operators (TSOs) in early stages of project planning.

How it works: Public consultation on the Network Development Plan Electricity

The following video (in German) offers an overview of the process for soliciting public comments and explains what sorts of comments can be taken into account in the second draft of the NDP. It also shows which types of content are addressed in the various phases of participation – from the Scenario Framework to the Network Development Plan Electricity and in the context of a specific project.

Status of participation and insights

The public consultation period for the first draft of the Network Development Plan Electricity 2037/2045, version 2023, ended on 26 April 2023. The four transmission system operators have already categorised, reviewed and incorporated the received comments into the second draft of the NDP. All substantive comments for which a declaration of consent has been received have been successively published online.

Further information

Information about grid expansion measures that are already in an advanced planning stage can be found on the websites of the four TSOs:

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